Below is a list of average session times for our services. Some people may need more or less time depending on hair texture and desired goals. All sessions are personalized to your desired outcome and we highly recommend scheduling a consultation for more direction on which session time would be right for you. All session times are subject to change based on consultation, hair type, creative involvement, and unexpected color challenges.

30-minute Session:

Bang Trims, Clipper Haircuts

1-hour Session:

Haircut, Hair Extension Maintenance, Fast Blow-Dry Keratin Treatment, Shampoo/ Blow dry, Event Hair Styling, Toner and Blow-dry

1.5-hour Session:

Haircut for Thick Hair, Haircut Transformations, Toner and Haircut, Root Touch-up and Blowout

2-hour Session:

Root Touch-up and Haircut, Partial Highlight and Blowout, Full Color and Blowout, Curly Haircut

2.5-hour Session:

Full Color and Blowout for Long Thick Hair, Partial Balayage and Haircut

3 hour Session:

Full Balayage or Highlight with Haircut, Partial Highlight and Haircut for Long Thick Hair, Extensions, Keratin Treatments

4 hour Session:

Full Balayage or Highlight for Long Thick Hair with Haircut, Double Processes

5 hour Session:

Blonding, Creative Color, Transformations, Color Corrections

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How to reserve an appointment

  • New Guests

    Step 1: Choose the stylist that best fits your desired hair goals via our Meet the Team page or our Meet Your Stylist matchmaker survey.

    Step 2: Reserve a complimentary consultation to discuss your hair goals and receive an estimate. Consultations are required for new curly haircuts and color services. Please note that a deposit may be required for new services, see cancellation policy for more details. Please text 352.290.4079 if you have any questions.

  • Returning Guests

    Proceed to Online Booking or text 352-290-4079 to schedule your session. For new color services and curly haircuts, consultations are required. Please note that a deposit may be required for new services, see cancellation policy for more details.

  • Guest Reservation Responsibility

    The time you reserve for your appointment has been saved just for you and therefore, is equivalent to the amount of time you will be charged. Example: If you book a 5-hour service without consultation, you are responsible for the 5 hours even if your service only took your stylist 3 hours. If you reserve a 3-hour service without consultation and your hair goals require more time, an alternative suggestion will be made. If you’re not satisfied with the alternative and opt not to get your hair done you are still responsible for the time reserved.

    To avoid reservation errors, please book a complimentary consultation or for returning guests, text 352-290-4079

  • Cancellation Policy

    In consideration of our other guests and our service providers, Eden Michele Salon requires 24-hour notice of any cancellations.

    All online reservations require a 50% deposit.

    New guests who reserve 2 hours or more require a 50% deposit. If a guest cancels within 24 hours or does not show up for the reservation, the guest will forfeit the 50% deposit.

    Returning guests who reserve a new service of 3 hours or more require a 50% deposit. If a guest cancels within 24 hours or does not show up for the reservation, the guest will forfeit the 50% deposit.

    Returning Guests who cancel within 24 hours and “no-show” reservations will be required to pay a 50% deposit for future reservations. If guest cancel within 24 hours or does not show up for the future reservation, the guest will forfeit the 50% deposit.

  • Late Policy

    We will try our best to accommodate you if you’re running behind, stuck in traffic, etc. Clients will generally be allowed a 10-minute grace period. After that time you may have to forgo parts of the service in order to keep it within the time allotted for you, OR reschedule your appointment for a different time, which will result in our cancellation policy.

Why Hourly Pricing?

Each team member has a unique hourly rate that is inclusive and reflects their education,
experience, and specialties. Our hourly pricing is gender neutral and gratuity free. To find out more about each of our stylists and to see their hourly session rates, check out our Meet The Team page.

  • Gratuity Not Expected

    While gratuities have always been appreciated, Eden Michele Salon Stylists does not expect gratuity.  No need to calculate the cost of a tip into your quoted price. For guests who prefer to give gratuity, we provide an option for you to gift your stylist.

  • Transparent Pricing

    Every person’s hair is unique. This means that each person will have their own unique journey to achieve their hair goals. Hourly pricing helps us to be transparent about how much time and money it takes to get there. We will schedule services based solely on the TIME needed to achieve your hair goal. The bigger or more complicated the goal, the more time will be needed with your stylist. Each Stylist Level has a unique hourly rate that will be clearly communicated at the time of booking. No surprises, no mystery. This eliminates add-ons and up-charges at the end of your service.

  • No Extra Costs

    Hourly pricing now eliminates the “up-charge” or “add-on” fee. Each hourly rate includes all products and techniques needed to achieve your desired result.

  • Inclusive & Gender Neutral

    Our services at Eden Michele Salon are all-inclusive and gender neutral. Appointments are booked based on the amount of time we need to accomplish your goals, not on a gender type.

  • No Double Booking

    We believe in a one-on-one experience. We do not double book clients so that you have your stylist’s undivided attention throughout your service.